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When following your passion becomes toxic – part 2

In my earlier blog post I mentioned that in order to get unstuck and to make progress in our creative pursuits, we have to move through the fear of closing ourselves from other opportunities if we pursue a path.

We only have so much time in our given lifetime so we must make choices.

But it is so easy to get stuck because we don’t want to have to choose…to choose this job or that job, this class or that class, this business niche, this program or that program.

We want a guarantee that nothing will “go wrong” and that our choices will pan out in our highest favor. We want a guarantee that we are doing the right thing.

But the danger in trying to get a guarantee is Continue reading

When following your passion becomes toxic – part 1

When you’re inspired, it is easy to be overflowing with ideas…wanting to try this idea and that idea. It’s not uncommon to have multiple passions. The fun is in finding a way to combine them all and journeying through the experience and creation of your new ideas.

But where many of us gets stuck is in the preparing for the journey and the deciding where to go, instead of doing the actual journey. It’s like continually packing and unpacking because you’re changing your mind about the destination, but never actually getting on a plane or taking the first step toward where you want to go. Continue reading

Are you hiding behind (well-intended) excuses?

For months now I’ve been telling friends and family that I’m going to finally launch my website and blog, and I’ve been telling them for weeks and months.

I’ve announced false launches; I’ve missed deadlines on my own launch calendar. And every time I’d get really close to pressed “publish,” something would come up. An important graphic design piece would be delayed, the developer hadn’t gotten back to me, I didn’t have time to write the text for a certain page because some family obligation came up.

I hadn’t stop to think that maybe I was simply deciding, in my own well-intended but ultimately self-sabotaging way, not to launch. Continue reading