When following your passion becomes toxic – part 2

In my earlier blog post I mentioned that in order to get unstuck and to make progress in our creative pursuits, we have to move through the fear of closing ourselves from other opportunities if we pursue a path.

We only have so much time in our given lifetime so we must make choices.

But it is so easy to get stuck because we don’t want to have to choose…to choose this job or that job, this class or that class, this business niche, this program or that program.

We want a guarantee that nothing will “go wrong” and that our choices will pan out in our highest favor. We want a guarantee that we are doing the right thing.

But the danger in trying to get a guarantee is that in the journey and fun of stepping into our Purpose and doing more of our passion we get caught up in the preparing and never actually launch, never actually do what we were intending to do.

So to get unstuck and move forward with making our brilliant ideas a reality and avoid allowing our overflow of creativity and ideas to become toxic, it is essential to:

1. Give yourself permission to change your mind.

If you start a blog about cupcakes but you also have a passion for gourmet ice cream and adventure travel, go with what you are passionate about right now; go with what you Soul is calling you to do right now, knowing that you can write about ice cream and travel later if you wanted to.

You would only be delaying action by agonizing over what subject to write about.

You are the powerful creator of your own experience and you can change your mind.

Give yourself the permission to change.

 2.  Make the space for what you want to create.

The thing about being a spiritual being in a human existence is that we have to contend with the space-time continuum.

In other words, there’s only so much time and space in our current lifetime; we have to make choices.

If you are in a job and don’t have much time to work on your business or to write your novel, making space for what you want to create may mean forgoing dinner with friends to write or to market.

It sounds over-simplistic but especially in our wired world where countless notifications are demanding our attention, it is so easy to fill our time with activities like checking email, Facebook or surfing the Internet—it is so easy to be distracted—that we don’t know where the time went and we didn’t get done what we really wanted to get done.

Making space for what you want to create begins with deciding to make the space.

 3.  Take purposeful action toward the change that you desire.

What makes change so difficult is that it means leaving your current position for a new and initially uncomfortable one.

Taking purposeful action toward manifesting what you desire is key to getting unstuck and moving beyond the status quo.

Following our passion becomes toxic when we fall into the overwhelm of thinking about moving forward and it keeps us from actually growing.

Remember, it’s ok to change your mind.

Change is part of your creative evolution.

Your old perspective needs to “die” in order for you to assume a new one.

And that is perfect.

What will you do this week to move toward realizing your dreams? What purposeful action will you take?

I welcome your comments below!

With love and light,


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