When following your passion becomes toxic – part 1

When you’re inspired, it is easy to be overflowing with ideas…wanting to try this idea and that idea. It’s not uncommon to have multiple passions. The fun is in finding a way to combine them all and journeying through the experience and creation of your new ideas.

But where many of us gets stuck is in the preparing for the journey and the deciding where to go, instead of doing the actual journey. It’s like continually packing and unpacking because you’re changing your mind about the destination, but never actually getting on a plane or taking the first step toward where you want to go.

The concern is, if you choose one career or one creative pursuit, you’re worried that you might not be able to experience other careers or creative pursuits that you’re also interested in.

I understand.

Going down one path might mean a significant investment in time or financial resources. And we have finite hours in the day, so where we put our attention is important.

But the problem with not deciding on a path is that:

1.   We never get started.

We are constantly spinning our wheels and never lifting off. It’s a case of hiding in our perfectionism; we spend our time trying and wanting to get all the details right but never make true progress.

But when we never get started, the world never benefits from our gifts.

2. We don’t grow.

Having many interests is wonderful; you can take your creative pursuits in many different directions. You have more choices!

But not deciding on what to pursue, whether it’s new job, a new career, a new hobby or business venture, doesn’t allow you to find out whether that path is really for you!

You don’t get to experience it and, subsequently, you don’t have the opportunity to learn from your experience.

3.  We stay stuck.

Not deciding on a path keeps stuck in the status quo. Who was it that said “if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting”?

Staying stuck is always “researching” and intending to decide, but not actually deciding. It’s not enough to plan, research and to intend to do things.

Intention is the seed of potential (hugely important!), but intention is not action.

In order to get unstuck and to actually make progress in our pursuits, we have to move through the fear that we would be closing ourselves from other opportunities if we go down one path.

Our fear is that we’ll paint ourselves into a corner.

The truth is, as the powerful creator of our own experience, we can go down any path we want and change course whenever you desire.

What decisions have you been putting off out of fear?

What if you made a decision to go forward and then course-correct if it does not suit you?

I welcome your comments below!

With love and light,


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